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Carita de Ángel

HD 7,9 45 min
Carita de Angel is a child telenovela produced in Mexico by Televisa in 2000 produced by Nicandro Díaz. It is a remake of the telenovela Papa Corazon, which also was adapted for Mundo de juguete. It starred Lisette Morelos, Miguel de León and Daniela Aedo as Dulce Maria. In 2001 it was broadcast in the United States by the Spanish-language broadcaster Univision. Among the great figures of his cast were Mexicans Joaquín Cordero and Ana Luisa Peluffo and Argentine Libertad Lamarque, who died during the filming of this soap opera and was replaced by actress Silvia Pinal. From December 11 of 2000 until January 5 of 2001 the soap opera interrupted its broadcast in order to go to Christmas minitelenovela Rayito de Luz. In Indonesia, this telenovela broadcast on RCTI in early 2003, and a years later, in 2004, it broadcast on SCTV. In the United States, it re-aired on the Spanish channel UniMás from June 14, 2012 to February 28, 2013.
Country: Mexico
Director: Marta Luna, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Lily Garza
Production: Televisa
Cast: Daniela Aedo, Lisette Morelos, Miguel de León, Libertad Lamarque, Silvia Pinal, Nora Salinas, Marisol Santacruz, Manuel Saval, Ana Patricia Rojo, Joaquín Cordero, Juan Pablo Gamboa, Mariana Avila, Polo Ortín, Adriana Acosta, Paty Díaz, Ana Luisa Peluffo, Arena Ibarra, Nancy Patiño, Alejandro Ruíz, Raúl Padilla, Marga López, Héctor Suárez Gomís


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